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Executive Search

Our personalised and customized process helps us find the right candidate, rather than the first available candidate for our clients.

Siron Consulting Premier is our specialized Executive Search service. We have developed a personalised and customized process that helps us find the right candidate, rather than the first available candidate for our clients. It involves a rigorous and consultative process, including but not limited to, identifying the right industry and company grid, to locate relevant but passive job seeking professionals.

Exhaustive mapping and engagement exercises are carried out to bring candidates to the table for discussions. The process involves thoroughly analyzing past experiences and achievements; leadership styles; key motivators; and future ambitions of the professional. Confidentiality is strictly adhered through the entire lifecycle of the search assignment, from screening to selection.

Our research team conducts detailed study and analysis on industries, talent landscape, compensation trends, and preference perceptions. Our live database and an extensive network of senior professionals, aid in our entire search process and in-depth analysis. Further, our founding team brings decades of search experience and are highly networked among the talent pool, which gives added advantage to the process.

Companies providing permanent jobs understand the need of promoting higher levels of job satisfaction to improve workforce performance. Besides, employees holding permanent job positions have a higher ladder of earning potential than contractors.

Siron Consulting team has partnered with MNCs and technology start-ups to build their leadership teams. We work across industries such as technology, outsourcing, pharma, telecom and functions such as sales and marketing, finance, and human resources among others.